Here’s how we work with our clients:

  • We’ll start by sending you a Firm Checkup Survey to gather your transparent thoughts and feedback related to your firm’s strategy, goals and objectives.
  • Time to kick off our engagement! You and your fractional COO will have an initial meeting to discuss how we’ll work together, how we’ll communicate, engagement details, review the answers from your Firm Check Up survey, attain any user information we’ll need, and discuss any further needs of the firm at this time. 
  • Let’s Get Analytical. Your fractional COO will leverage your next three weekly meetings to discuss, 1) 8 high-level questions and develop a firm SWOT Analysis, 2) develop a firm accountability chart to see who owns what areas and to open the dialogue around firm structure, and 3) discuss your current firm processes to identify both efficiencies and potential best practices.
  • Team Time. Your fractional COO will meet with team members in a group format so that they can share their perspectives. 
  • Communication at our core. The fractional COO will then relay this distilled information to the Managing Partner so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Firm Collaboration. Your fractional COO will host a company kick-off to share firm-wide goals and provide a quarterly firm-wide check in going forward. 
  • Supportive Data. Your fractional COO will provide data components helpful to running your firm. For example, team productivity, origination, hours billed, and more. 
  • Meeting Cadence. Going forward, you will meet weekly with your fractional COO for a 90 minute pulse meeting to provide you with the high-level updates you need.


We will support one another as team members and support our clients to make their firms run as smoothly as possible. Like the song says "Lean on me!"


Fresh Ideas

We will bring ideas to the table that are creative, transparent, and effective. It's always nice to be or receive a breath of fresh air.



Let's have a good time!We like what we do, we like working together, and we like helping people. Is there a better combo out there?



We know the law industry, and we know it well, but we can always learn more. For us, that means cracking open a new book together. The more you know, the more you grow. 



Time is of the essence!We work with efficiency for the sake of each other, our clients and our contacts.We also use technologies that help us do this.



We really feel that we are better as a team than we are individually. We know that working together cohesively is one of our greatest assets. Our ability to brainstorm and be problem solvers is at the top of our list.

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